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The Journey of A Lifetime

Joey Yap’s eagerly awaited Feng Shui Excursion to China is back. Visit breathtaking sites, explore the region’s extensive historical locations, revel in the beauty of nature’s best offerings and experience the revelations and study of Classical Feng Shui as applied to these areas in real life and historical contexts. The Excursion offers a-one-of-its-kind learning experience for both beginners and professional consultants alike in the best ever classroom available - the great outdoors of China and the Roof of the World. From incredible monasteries and grand palaces, to the bustling markets and hidden streets of China, it will be an adventure like no other where you will truly Walk the Dragons.
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The birthplace of Chinese Metaphysics


View and experience the cultural and historical landscape of China through the lens of Feng Shui as you study its landforms and historical sites.


Visit hand-picked historical locations such as the Yandang Mountains, Fuyong Old Village and the Nanxi River Scenic Area that won’t be found on just any tour.


Explore the local culture, and tickle your taste buds with authentic China delicacies.


Be among fellow enthusiasts and practitioners, and make new friends as you share thoughts and interpretations.

The Highlights of The Excursion

The Wudang Mountains

Let your breath be taken away by the majestic peaks of the Wudang Mountains, as the excursion unveils the spectacular landforms of this scenic landmark in China. Located at the northwest of the Hubei Province, the mountain range runs east-west along the southern edge of the Han River, while clasping to its natural beauty. This breathtaking site is highly acclaimed for its association to the birth of Taichi and Daoism, thus making it to the top of every traveller’s list of destination.

The Wudang Mountains house an ancient architectural complex that is untouched by modernism to portray its local culture and ancient wisdom. From the Five Dragon Temple to the notable Nanyang Palace, there are a lot to see and learn given the rich and colourful history and chronicles that this beautiful place could offer. It is acknowledged as a UNESCO world heritage site that offers more than just the aesthetics of a natural relic, and it is also a geography that is worthy the attention of all Feng Shui practitioners.

Mount Yandang

Boasting its impressive pinnacle as one of China’s must-see mountains, Mount Yandang is the highest peak of the Yandang mountain range that is greatly admired for its picturesque sceneries. This breathtaking landmark is situated at the southeast of the Zhejiang province of China, housing a number of alluring destinations such as the town of Yandang Zhen and the Yandangshan National Forest Park.

See for yourself how this majestic caldera is in perfect harmony with the lush forests, caves and waterfall that will keep you in amazement. Formed more than 120 million years ago, the mountain tells its very own stories with its figurative beauty of magnificence, wonder and mystery. Be ready to experience the forces of nature like never before as the excursion explores the intricacies of the Mount Yandang from the perspective of Feng Shui.

Guanyin Cave

Be amazed with the integration of natural and historical civilisations at the Guan Yin Cave, which is located at the Spirit Peak of the Yandang Mountain. Housing a nine-story pagoda, this was where the eminent monks of the Tang Dynasty called home. Significant attractions at this awesome temple include the Guan Yin (the Goddess of Mercy) sculpture made of the gigantic stalactite in the cave and the beautiful architecture that retells the lore of the land.

Feel the serenity of this beautiful place, accompanied by the sound of bells ringing and drums beating, which accentuates its profoundly spiritual ambience. From the natural water springs to the cave opening known as the ‘String of the Sky’, it is a destination of enlightenment and peace.
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6 Days 5 Nights
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Single for 1 person
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the duration of the trip

USD 4,800


6 Days 5 Nights
(2 Pax)

What's Included
Twin for 2 person
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the duration of the trip

USD 8,000


6 Days 5 Nights
(1 Pax)

What's Included
King for 1 person
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the duration of the trip
Personal Butler will be assigned to you to carry your personal belongings such as bag, Luo Pan and water.

USD 5,800

Rave Reviews

From Students

“Thank you Joey for this very special trip. You offered us such a large variety of famous spots, but also areas without any tourists that we could never have found on our own. All of a sudden, the theory you taught us in your classes became alive to me and I finally understood the background with its application. I feel that this has completed my studies a lot. What a wonderful experience!”
- Elizabeth Stucker -
“Another excellent excursion series, equal to last year. I am always left wanting more because of the quality of the information rather than lack of content. Many thanks again. Keep up the research!”
- Jayne Goodrick -
“This was absolutely outstanding! The work you have put into the preparation of this course is very evident and know we have had an experience very few are lucky enough to have. You have a way of making us understand just how little we know in such a good way. Thank you for all that was learnt. Keep up the passion!”
- Di Grobler -
“Thanks a lot for this learning experience. Marvelous trip, marvelous people and a good selection of locations to do Feng Shui audits. Looking forward for different destinations in the future.”
- Claudia Guenther -
“The ancient saying: ‘to journey a thousand miles is better than to read ten thousand books' is not wrong as I had truly experienced it. Thank you”
- Christopher Yeo -
“This excursion has thought me so much and made me realize how much more I need to learn to really be the best.”
- Maria Tesmer -

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What good is a 'Dragon' if you don't even know how to spot one?

To be adept at Feng Shui, you will have to be on the ground itself studying the landforms from every angle. Ranging from tombs of imperial dynasties to popular mountainous locations, the excursions were an immediate hit and eye-opener for those who had the opportunity to participate in the journey.
Walk the dragons with me in this coming China Excursion to experience Feng Shui in China in a way you have never thought possible.

Dato' Joey Yap

Chief Consultant
Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics

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